Who should use our services?

FIIs who do not have on-ground research team in India With our wide research coverage and understanding of companies across market cap and sectors; we can be your shadow office and provide on-ground research capability and the local expertise to add value to your India specific research requirements.
Our value proposition is to benefit our clients by eliminating the cost of maintaining a local office in India; without compromising on the quality of research. Our services range from conducting management meetings and visiting manufacturing facilities on your behalf, providing company specific and/or sector specific research coverage as per client specifications, building and maintaining company valuation models, routinely monitoring and tracking news flows and events.
Investors for companies having limited street coverage We have strong in-house research on companies across sectors where there is limited street coverage. Our value proposition is that we offer cost-effective solutions across all the options of – 
a) Subscribing to our annual contract; wherein we will maintain and refresh the company investment thesis and valuation models for quarterly results, events and news flows having a material bearing on intrinsic value of equity.
b) Providing user specific customised research on companies.
Brokerages looking to enhance existing research coverage Brokerage firms can use our strong in-house knowledge of investing across companies to augment and enhance their existing sectoral research coverage. We can help your analysts build detailed understanding on important companies (which currently due to their small market capitalisation do not have active street coverage but are of interest to your buy-side clients) in their sector.
SMEs looking to tap capital markets.
Corporates looking for independent advisors for specific business development activities in the field of capital markets and investor relations.


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